Where the Wild Things Are: A New Adventure Awaits!

The newest movie sensation,

Where the Wild Things Are
is set to take the world by storm. This new film follows the journey of a young boy as he escapes into a world of his imagination. Filled with adventure and excitement, this movie is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Experience this incredible story today!a map of a country

Discover the new adventure “Where the Things Are”, and embark on an exciting journey of exploration. Uncover hidden secrets and uncover new possibilities as you explore unknown lands. With a variety of activities, you’ll never be bored. From hiking to camping, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the beauty of nature while taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore the great outdoors with “Where the Things Are”.


clap board roadside Jakob and Ryan

The newest movie sensation,

Where the Wild Things Are
is set to take the world by storm. This new film follows the journey of a young boy as he escapes into a world of his imagination. Filled with adventure and excitement, this movie is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Experience this incredible story today!


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The upcoming movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic Where the Wild Things Are is set to be an exciting adventure for viewers of all ages. With its stunning visuals and imaginative story, this film promises to be a wild ride that you won’t want to miss!

Be sure to check out Where the Wild Things Are in theaters soon and experience the magic yourself.
Get ready for a wild adventure that you won’t forget!

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Some questions with answers

What is the title of the movie?

Where the Wild Things Are: A New Adventure

What is the budget of the movie?

$30 million

Who directed the movie?

Daniel B. Catullo III

When was the movie released?


What is the genre of the movie?

Fantasy adventure

Who stars in the movie?

Chester Rushing, Rosalie McIntire, and David Hull

What is the plot of the movie?

A young boy embarks on an epic journey to save his kingdom from a powerful evil

Where was the movie filmed?


What is the running time of the movie?

90 minutes

What rating is the movie?


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