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Cats living in the wild are referred to as feral cats. Feral cats live far from human settlements and typically hunt small animals and birds to survive. They are not pets, and are typically not socialized or tamed.

Feral cats are often seen in urban and suburban areas, where they establish colonies and can be a nuisance when they reproduce unchecked.
To help manage their populations and ensure their health, many cities and towns have trap-neuter-return programs for feral cats.Tiger animal

Are you curious about the names of different wild cats? Look no further! Learn about species such as the cheetah, puma, lynx, and more. Each cat has its own unique features and characteristics that make it special. Discover the amazing diversity of these felines in the wild today.


brown leopard on top of grey rock

Cats living in the wild are referred to as feral cats. Feral cats live far from human settlements and typically hunt small animals and birds to survive. They are not pets, and are typically not socialized or tamed.

Feral cats are often seen in urban and suburban areas, where they establish colonies and can be a nuisance when they reproduce unchecked.
To help manage their populations and ensure their health, many cities and towns have trap-neuter-return programs for feral cats.

Felis catus

Felis catus, commonly known as the domestic cat, is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. It has been kept as a pet in households all over the world for centuries. Cats have a number of features that make them uniquely suited to being pets, such as their intelligence, playfulness and sociability. Besides being an excellent companion, cats can also be trained to perform useful tasks such as retrieving objects or opening doors.

Cats come in a variety of breeds, each with its own distinct characteristics. Some popular breeds include the Siamese, the British Shorthair, the Ragdoll and the Bengal. Cats are also available in a range of coat colors, from the classic black and white to tabby patterns and calicos.

Caring for a cat is relatively simple; they require regular meals, a clean litter box and plenty of love and affection. With proper care and attention, cats have the potential to live a long and healthy life, providing years of companionship to their owners.

Cats in the wild

albino tiger lying on ground at nighttimeCats are incredible animals, capable of thriving in a variety of environments. From the comfort of our homes to the far reaches of the world, cats can be found everywhere. They are known for their intelligence, agility, and playfulness. They have an uncanny ability to adapt to their surroundings, making them well suited to living both indoors and outdoors. With proper care and attention, cats can live happily and healthily in the wild.

Cats are independent creatures that take pleasure in exploring and discovering new things. Their natural curiosity makes them excellent hunters and they are often seen chasing after small prey. Cats are also great at avoiding predators, thanks to their keen sense of hearing and acute sense of smell.

Cats make wonderful companions, whether they are house cats or living wild. They bring joy and companionship to their owners, as well as providing a natural pest control service. Whether it’s a stray cat or a pet, cats in the wild bring a lot of joy to our lives.

Domestic cats

Domestic cats are beloved pets, providing companionship and unconditional love to their human companions. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are well-known for their intelligence and playful nature. Cats are low-maintenance pets, needing only a few basic supplies such as food, water, litter, and toys. With proper care, they can live long, healthy lives filled with joy and happiness.

Cats are natural hunters and have a strong instinct to explore and climb. They are curious by nature and often enjoy playing with a variety of toys. Even indoors cats need plenty of space and the opportunity to exercise, so make sure to provide suitable climbing structures and scratching posts.

Overall, domestic cats make wonderful and affectionate pets that will bring joy to any home.

Big cats

lion in close up shotBig cats are some of the most impressive and powerful animals on the planet. From lions and tigers to leopards and cheetahs, these majestic creatures have long been admired by people around the world. Even though they are large and ferocious, big cats are also incredibly intelligent, with complex social structures and behaviors. They are an important part of the natural world, and it is important that we continue to protect them for generations to come.

With their amazing ability to adapt to different environments, big cats can be found all over the world. Whether they are living in the wild or in captivity, these animals are a source of wonder and admiration. Knowing more about them can help us better appreciate their beauty and importance, so we can work together to ensure their continued survival.
By protecting the habitats of big cats, we can ensure that these animals will always have a place in the world.

Small cats

Small cats are popular pets and make great companions. They come in a variety of breeds and sizes, and can provide hours of entertainment and affection. With proper nutrition and care, they can live long and happy lives. Whether you’re looking for a lap cat or an active playmate, there is a small cat to fit your lifestyle.

Cats are intelligent and curious animals, and have their own unique personalities. They can be taught tricks, enjoy interactive play, and even learn to use the litterbox. Small cats can be loyal and loving family members who will enrich your life for years to come.
Start your search for the perfect small cat today.

Mountain lions

brown and black tiger walking on brown soilMountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, are large cats found in the Americas. They can reach up to eight feet in length and weigh up to 200 lbs. Mountain lions are solitary animals that prefer to live in forests, grasslands, and brushy areas. They hunt deer, rabbits, and other small animals for food. Mountain lions are powerful creatures and should be respected.

To stay safe around mountain lions, people should never approach one and always give them plenty of space. If you see one, make yourself appear large by standing tall and waving your arms. Never run away from a mountain lion, as this may trigger its prey drive.
By understanding mountain lions and their behavior, people can appreciate these magnificent animals while staying safe.

Leopard cats

Leopard cats are a unique breed of cats that are known for their spotted coats and playful personalities. They make great house pets, as they are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. Leopard cats are easy to groom and require minimal space to be happy and healthy. They are social animals that enjoy the company of both humans and other animals. Their spotted coats make them stand out in any setting, and they also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Leopard cats are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fun, loving companion.

Jungle cats

selective focus photo of adult big cat familyJungle cats are beautiful, powerful creatures. They can be found living in tropical forests, savannas, and even in some urban areas. Jungle cats have a wide variety of coat colors, ranging from yellowish-brown to grayish-black. Their thick fur helps them stay warm and camouflaged from potential predators. They are also excellent hunters and can climb trees with ease. These cats can be difficult to spot as they often keep to themselves and live in dense vegetation. It’s best to observe them from a distance if you do happen to come across one.


Wild cats are members of the Felidae family and can be found in many habitats across the world. They are typically solitary animals, but some live in groups. They can also be called felines or cats.

The size, colour, and behaviour of wild cats vary widely depending on their species, but all are adept hunters and predators.
Understanding the behaviour and habitat of wild cats can help us better protect and conserve them.

shallow focus photography of cheetah

Some questions with answers

What is a wild cat?

A wild cat is a species of small, medium or large cats that live without human intervention.

What is the difference between a wild cat and a domestic cat?

Domestic cats are generally smaller than wild cats and have been selectively bred for different behaviors and physical characteristics. Wild cats live in their natural habitats, while domestic cats live in homes with humans.

What types of wild cats are there?

There are many different types of wild cats, including lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, cheetahs, cougars, lynx, and bobcats.

Where do wild cats live?

Wild cats live in a variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, deserts, and mountains.

How do wild cats hunt?

Wild cats typically hunt alone and ambush their prey. They use their sharp claws and teeth to catch their prey.

What do wild cats eat?

Wild cats typically eat small mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.

Do wild cats make good pets?

Wild cats are not suitable as pets and should never be kept in captivity.

Are wild cats endangered?

Many wild cats are endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, and other threats.

How can people help wild cats?

People can help wild cats by supporting conservation efforts, reducing pollution, avoiding buying products made from wild cat fur, and educating others about these animals.

What is the scientific name for wild cats?

The scientific name for wild cats is Felidae.

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